Tuesday, March 29, 2011

World Famous Unusual Corsets

Corsets were used by the Women to improve their Posture and make it more Lady-like
Nowadays Corsets are used mostly for Aesthetic Purpose.
Young Girls wear Corsets to feel more Appealing and Sexual
So Unusual Corsets are becoming More and More Popular among Them
Take a look at some World Famous Unusual Corsets

1. Tattoo Corsets

You should buy this corset only if it matches your tattoos

2. Green Feather Corset

This custom made corset won’t make you feel free like a bird, but it will make you look like one.

3. Metal Corset

In this DolceGabbana metal corset you will look like Lady Gaga, and move like her, too

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  1. Where bouts can you buy the white one with the tattoo pictures on it???